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Foamtech Melamine Sponge

Thermal Insulation Foam

Compared to traditional thermal materials, heat insulation melamine foam has low thermal conductivity, 0.034 W/(m·K).As heat insulation foam, melamine foam is capable of working under extreme temperatures. The working temperature is between -200℃ and 240℃(-390℉ and 460℉). In extreme temperatures, most foams lost its elasticity while melamine foam is still able to perform.

Melamine foam provides solutions for low energy solutions. As heat resistant materials, melamine foam insulate the whole building envelop from outside. Melamine foam is applied as heat insulation foam in the tiles, walls, bases, windows and etc.

The capability of working in extremely cold temperature makes the melamine foam the excellent materials for LNG pipe insulation. The working temperature of melamine foam is as low as -200℃(-390℉).

  • Pipe Insulation
    Pipe Insulation

    Melamine foam is a lightweight, open cell insulation materials, as an alternative to traditional insulation materials. Melamine foam as a wide temperature range, -200℃ and 240℃(-390℉ and 460℉), lo...

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  • Architecture Thermal Insulation
    Architecture Thermal Insulation

    Low-energy buildings become a common understanding. It requires thermal insulation materials to insulate the whole building from outside. The main purpose is to provide a comfortable indoor climate. I...

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