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Rails Acoustics

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Melamine Foam performs great acoustic insulation to medium- and high-frequency noises. According to the Noise Reduction Co-efficiency (NRC), the melamine foam insulates most noises between 250-4000Hz. Processed with plastics, felts, nonwoven cloths and metal shells, melamine foam also reduce low frequency noises.

cavity wall insulation

FoamTech sound proofing foam is also widely applied in high-speed rails, light rails and subways. The Melamine Foam is installed in cavity wall insulation, acoustic foam tiles, seats and sound proofing foam for engine peripheries.

Acoustic foam tiles have outstanding performance in acoustic insulation, comparing with conventional materials, it also has the lowest density(0.375-037lb/ft3), which decreases the whole vehicle weight, and increases the safety of turning and reduce energy consumption.

acoustic foam tiles performance

Melamine acoustic foam meets the fire retardant requirements for vehicles and rails. Melamine foam is made of the melamine resin. When it comes to fire, melamine foam generates nitrogen gas, which isolates the surface from the oxygen and thus prevents further burning.

Noise Reduction Co-efficiency Chart

sound proofing foam in railway

Cavity wall insulation size and shipping:

The common size of each sound proofing melamine foam bulk is 1250*350*2500mm. We also provide sliced and trimmed melamine foam sheets to meet different applications. The largest width is 1250mm and the largest height is 350mm, and no limits for the length.
The common MOQ is 25 cubic meters, which are a 20GP container load. For the first time customer, we would like to mix products for you to meet the MOQ. You can mix from a variety of products: melamine foam bulks, melamine foam sheets, pyramid melamine foam, melamine foam with aluminum paper or compressed melamine foam sheets and etc.

rail melamine foam absorber

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