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Melamine Foam Sponge

  • Melamine Foam Sponge

With melamine foam sponge, there will be a revolution in the cleaning tools industry. Melamine sponges change people's cleaning habits. Magic eraser sponge pose no health risks and do not involve any chemical cleansers.  Many companies recently have been developing Melamine Foam into melamine sponge, magic erasers, Magic scrub, kitchen scrub and etc., which rapidly expands the sponge market. The well-know brand is Mr. Clean magic eraser and other brands of magic scrub

mr clean magic eraser

Melamine foam cleaning principle:

  • Melamine foam sponges or magic scrubs are formed differently from other cleaning products and only need water to effectively clean most stains -- no chemical cleaners or soaps required. 
  • On the microscopic level, the microstructure becomes very hard when melamine resin cures into foam. 
  • The microstructure is almost as hard as glass - causing it to perform on stains like super-fine sandpaper. Melamine foam is a special type of open-cell foam so it can be like a sponge and as hard as glass. 
  • When applied with water, its particles glide smoothly over the surface, making it easy to remove tough stains on tiles, stove tops, doors, leather seats, hubcaps, etc., without using any detergents. 
Melamine foam sponge

FoamTech melamine foam advantages:
-High open cell rate;
-uniform texture
-strong clean power

Melamine sponge size and shipping:
As kitchen scrub manufacturer, FoamTech is able to provide any melamine foam related products. Basically,any custom sizes, for example, pyramid-, wedge, round, pipe-shape of melamine foam is available upon request.

For cleaning purposes, some customers require customized sponges, for examples, melamine sponges with soap, compressed melamine sponges, melamine sponges with PU foam inside and so on.

Regarding the package, we are able to provide retailer packages, poly-bag or boxes. When contacting our sales, please inform the size of sponge and materials of package you want to order and our sales will give you accurate quote.

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