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When it comes to the most powerful cleaning foam for floor scrubbing machine, melamine foam pads is the right choice. Simply soaking in water, melamine round pads give you magic cleaning effect than traditional ones. When attaching to the cleaning machine, melamine pads creates polishing effect, even on grout lines.

Especially in huge public area, floor cleaning machine with melamine floor pads reduce cleaning time and efforts. Melamine cleaning pads create polishing effects on feather, PVC and other hard surface floor. Melamine round pads are used to clean floor in airport, subway station, train stations, market, office, other public places.

best Melamine foam pads

How to use:
1.Attach the melamine round pad onto the polishing machine;
2.Spray the cleaning chemicals on the floor.
3.Polish the floor

Melamine floor machine pads cleaning principle:
Melamine foam cleaning principle:
  • When applied with water, its particles glide smoothly over the surface, making it easy to remove tough stains on tiles, stove tops, doors, leather seats, hubcaps, etc., without using any detergents. 
  • Just like sand papers , melamine foam pads generates polishing effects on hard surfaces.

Melamine round pads

Melamine sponges size and shipping:

The regular sizes of melamine foam pads for floor machine is 7'' 12'' 13'' 14'' 15'' 17'' 18'' 21'' and etc.
The diameter of the central hole is customized.

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