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Foamtech Melamine Sponge

Industrial Acoustics

High open-cell rate melamine foam is the first choice of many acoustic designers. With the property of fire retardant and heat resistant, melamine foam brings solutions for every corner where noises need to be reduced. The Noise Reduction Coeffiency (NRC) of melamine foam reaches 0.95, which helps eliminate high-frequency noises. When jacked with covers, it also effectively insulate low- and medium-frequency noises.

Besides the excellent soundproofing performance, melamine foam insulation is class A flame retardant with no need to add additives. The thermal insulation of acoustic melamine foam is also impressive. The thermal conductivity is 0.034 W/(m·K), click here to see the SGS test.

In the architectures, soundproofing foam helps to improve the acoustic effect, for examples, stadium, cafe house, meeting room, concert hall and etc. Acoustic insulation is also crucial in the automotive,subways and high-speed rails. The excellent acoustic insulation and light weight features of melamine sheets, 6-12kg/m3, loads no burden to the vehicle itself but generate great acoustic environment.

  • Equipment Acoustics
    Equipment Acoustics

    Due to the excellent acoustic feature of the melamine foam, it is applied to any equipment or motor systems where acoustic foam panels are needed. Motors or engines that generate large noises harm ope...

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  • Rails Acoustics
    Rails Acoustics

    Melamine Foam performs great acoustic insulation to medium- and high-frequency noises. According to the Noise Reduction Co-efficiency (NRC), the melamine foam insulates most noises between 250-4000Hz....

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  • Automobile Acoustics
    Automobile Acoustics

    One of the automotive manufacturers' leading concerns is the acoustics inside a vehicle, especially luxury cars. As a key source of discomfort, the noise level inside a vehicle, to a great extent, rep...

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