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Melamine foam fireproof foam is made of melamine resin, which is naturally fire retardant. When comes to fire, melamine foam generate a low level of smoke and drops. It meets most of the US, EU and other international flame retardant tests. The key feature of melamine fireproof foam is that it does not need to add any flame retardant additives, which are harmful and volatile.

Besides the flame retardant feature, melamine foam is excellent materials for acoustic. The Noise Reduction Co-efficiency of melamine foam reaches 0.95 and the thermal conductivity reaches 0.034 W/(m·K).

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fire retardant classifications

National Fire Protection Association NFPA No. 101 “Life Safety Code”: Class A
UL 94 V-0, HF-1: Passes
GB 8624-2012 Fire classification for burning behavior of building materials and products : B 1 (B-s1,d0)
Boeing Specification, BSS 7239, “Test Method for Toxic Gas Generation by Materials Combustion” : Meets and Exceeds
Airbus Industries Technical Specification, ATS-1000.001, “Fire-Smoke-Toxicity (FST) Test Specification : Meets and Exceeds

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Melamine thermal foam size and shipping:
As fireproof foam board manufacturer, we provide custom sizes and shapes of melamine foam. The regular export size is melamine foam bulks. We also provide trimmed sheets, boards, slabs and other shapes.

The normal size of melamine foam we produce is 1250mm in width, 350mm in height, and any size in length. The width of 1250mm meets most industrial and architectural requirements. If you have specific requirements, please talk to the sales by email or leave your message.

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