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Equipment Acoustics

  • Equipment Acoustics

Due to the excellent acoustic feature of the melamine foam, it is applied to any equipment or motor systems where acoustic foam panels are needed. Motors or engines that generate large noises harm operator's auditory system. Melamine sound absorbing foam can be applied to wrap the origin of noise to prevent sound wave transferring.

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FoamTech Melamine Acoustic Foam is also widely applied in high-speed rails, light rails and subways. The Melamine Foam is installed in cavity wall insulation, acoustic foam tiles, seats and sound proofing foam for engine peripheries.

NASA Glenn Research Center initiated an acoustic test series to characterize the acoustic performance of melamine foam. Because of melamine foam's improved acoustic performance and lighter mass relative to fiberglass blankets, the use of ML foam is being strongly considered for future acoustic attenuation systems for future NASA payload fairings.

Equipment Acoustics

Melamine acoustic foam size and shipping:
As acoustic foam panel supplier, we provide custom sizes and shapes of melamine acoustic foam. The regular export size is melamine foam bulks. We also provide trimmed sheets, boards, slabs and other shapes.

The normal size of melamine foam we produce is 1250mm in width, 350mm in height, and any size in length. The width of 1250mm meets most industrial requirements. If you have specific requirements, please talk to the sales by email or leave your message.

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