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Foamtech Melamine Sponge

Cleaning Sponge

The unique network microstructure of melamine foam is as hard as glass. When applied with water, its particles glide smoothly over the surface, just like how the sandpapers work.

Melamine foam sponges are developed into multi-purpose foam, for examples, kitchen scrub, bathroom sponge, pipe cleaning balls and round foam pads for floor cleaning machine.

With melamine foam cleaning, there will be a revolution in the cleaning tools industry. Melamine sponges change people's cleaning habits.Melamine foam sponges pose no health risks and do not involve any chemical cleansers. Many companies recently have been developing Melamine Foam into melamine sponge,magic erasers, multi-purpose sponge and etc., which rapidly expands the sponge market.

  • Pipe Cleaning Foam
    Pipe Cleaning Foam

    With powerful cleaning effect, melamine foam is applied as pipe cleaning tools. Compared to traditional cleaning foam, melamine foam generates dramatic cleaning power with water alone.In some special ...

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  • Machine Foam Pad
    Machine Foam Pad

    When it comes to the most powerful cleaning foam for floor scrubbing machine, melamine foam pads is the right choice. Simply soaking in water, melamine round pads give you magic cleaning effect than t...

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