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Automobile Acoustics

  • Automobile Acoustics

One of the automotive manufacturers' leading concerns is the acoustics inside a vehicle, especially luxury cars. As a key source of discomfort, the noise level inside a vehicle, to a great extent, represents the vehicle information. Large noises may lead people to think of the fragility or other quality issues. Quite driving experience creates positive image of the vehicle.

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The hoodliner is the key component to be reduced noises. Hot-pressed and trimmed melamine foam is used on the hood to absorb sound of the motor, preventing the sound spreading into inside of the vehicle. Except the hoodliner acoustic, melamine foam acoustic materials are used in other parts of the vehicle, inner doors, wheel housing liner, floor silencer coverage, dash silencer seal structure, tibia pad, vehicle tiles and etc.

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The high soundproof capability of automotive soundproofing foam (NRC=0.95) and fire retardant feature render it to be the first choice of automotive soundproofing foam.

Noise Reduction Co-efficiency Chart

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Melamine acoustic foam size and shipping:
As car soundproofing foam manufacturer, we provide custom sizes and shapes of best acoustic materials. The regular export size is melamine foam bulks. We also provide trimmed sheets, boards, slabs and other shapes.

The normal size of melamine foam we produce is 1250mm in width, 350mm in height, and any size in length. The width of 1250mm meets most industrial requirements. If you have specific requirements, please talk to the sales by email or leave your message.

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