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Architecture Thermal Insulation

  • Architecture Thermal Insulation

Low-energy buildings become a common understanding. It requires thermal insulation materials to insulate the whole building from outside. The main purpose is to provide a comfortable indoor climate. In warmer climates or during summer months, good insulation also provides protection against heat. In the winter, heat insulated buildings save heating energy. Heat losses through external walls and roofs account for more than 75% of the total heat losses in existing buildings. Therefore, thermal insulation is important not only for the new construction but also for the existing ones.

house thermal foams

Taking a small single-family house with 100㎡ as an example. The following chart shows that the lower the thermal conductivity value is, the lower costs there will be.

thermal conductive foam specification

thermal insulation specification

The melamine thermal foam thermal conductivity is 0.034 W/(m·K). It represents that the house insulated by melamine foam will save a family 205€/yr/㎡.

With the class A fire retardant feature, there is no need to add additives to the melamine foam. Besides, thermal insulation with melamine foam also provide excellent acoustic sound inside a house.

thermal insulation materials

Melamine thermal foam size and shipping:
The common size of each thermal insulation melamine foam bulk is 1250*350*2500mm. We also provide sliced and trimmed melamine foam sheets to meet different applications. The largest width is 1250mm and the largest height is 350mm, and no limits for the length.
The common MOQ is 25 cubic meters, which are a 20GP container load. For the first time customer, we would like to mix products for you to meet the MOQ. You can mix from a variety of products: melamine foam bulks, melamine foam sheets, pyramid melamine foam, melamine foam with aluminum paper or compressed melamine foam sheets and etc. 

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