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Foamtech Melamine Sponge

Architectural Acousitcs

The acoustic and thermal insulation features of melamine foam make it popular to be used in architectures. In public spaces, acoustic materials are used as soundproofing panels to improve sound performance, for example, churches, stadiums, concert halls, recording studios, libraries, meeting rooms and etc.

The thermoset character and the open-cell structure of the melamine acoustical materials translate into an attractive property profile:
– high sound absorption
– low thermal conductivity
– high fire resistance
– low density
– high long-term use temperatures
– no brittleness at low temperatures

  • Professional Venues Acoustics
    Professional Venues Acoustics

    In professional venues, acoustic performance is the key concern, especially for recording studios, concert halls, cinemas, KTV rooms. Melamine foam beats other traditional acoustic materials in terms ...

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  • Public Venues Acoustics
    Public Venues Acoustics

    In public venues, soundproof foam board materials are applied to improve acoustic performance, for example, churches, stadiums, libraries, meeting rooms and etc. Basotect acoustic foam is applied to i...

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