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Household Melamine Sponge

FoamTech is one of the largest melamine foam manufacturers. We are able to provide any types and sizes of melamine sponges: plain white melamine sponge, compressed melamine sponges, componded melamine sponge with PU foam and so on.

The normal colors of melamine sponges are white and grey. For large quantity and stable order, custom colors are avaiable upon request.Various sizes of sponges are available upon request. The normal sponge size is 12*7*3cm, 11*7.5*2.5cm, 10*7*3cm and so on.

The common export package is bulk package in carton. We are also able to provide retailer package, label printing and other OEM package services.

  • magic-cleaning-sponge
    Melamine Foam Sponge

    With melamine foam sponge, there will be a revolution in the cleaning tools industry. Melamine sponges change people\'s cleaning habits. Magic eraser sponge pose no health risks and do not involve...

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  • melamine-sponge
    Bathroom Cleaning Sponge

    Compared with traditional cleaning tools, melamine foam sponge has powerful cleaning effects on bathroom stains. As bathroom cleaning sponge, it can wipe out old stains without chemicals.

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  • melamine-cleaning-sponges
    Car Cleaning Foam

    Car wash shops value the cleaning effect the most. They use magic sponges as car wash foam together with cleaning detergents. The magic cleaning effect help remove the stains of the car interiors.

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  • magic-sponge-cleaning-foam
    Kitchen Sponge

    Magic sponges, also known as white kitchen sponges, melamine kitchen scrubs, is open-cell foam with hard inner structure.

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