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What Makes Kitchen Sponge Smell And How To Avoid It?

Time:2017/01/21 Click:25

Sometimes this takes a day, sometimes it takes a few weeks but when sponges go bad they really stink. How does one stop/delay this from happening so as to not use a million sponges a year?

The reason that makes kitchen sponge smell depending on the sort of sponge in use. However fungus and bacteria are the biggest offenders. Some sponges can be sanitized in the microwave, and many can be sanitized in the dishwasher. I realize that it's somewhat counter-intuitive to use the dishwasher when you're washing by sponge, but a dishwasher generates the temperatures needed to sanitize sponges.

I should note that because of preservatives used in cellulose sponges, they should always be rinsed thoroughly before microwaving and never microwaved dry.

Kitchen Sponge

I would toss it in the laundry next time I do a load. (Don’t throw it in the dryer afterward.) If that doesn’t work, I’d start with a new kitchen cleaning sponge, and add it to the laundry every week so the smell doesn’t build up. In between washings, be sure to rinse it really well after each use.

Soak it in bleach. Please let it dry out and then put it in a bleach/water solution and soak it up and wring it dry several times. Kitchen sponge tends to be full of bacteria and what you smell is their waste. Use rags and wash them frequently if you want to save money.

Tol kill the bacteria and microbes growing in a sponge soak it in a bleach water solution. Try to keep it as dry as possible when not in use.

We put ours in the dishwasher every time we run it. Never had smell issue.