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Types Of Soundproofing Panels

Time:2017/02/08 Click:26

According to the location and methods of soundproofing, insulation materials, soundproofing panels can be divided into different types.

Soundproofing Panels

1. According to the classification of civil engineering categories, it can be divided into building noise and structural noise.

2. According to the location of noise, it can be divided broadly into indoor soundproof and outdoor soundproof. For example, indoor soundproof includes: wall, building surface, smallpox, and other characteristics building which need soundproof. Besides, underground building soundproof also belong to interior noise parts.

3. In accordance with the method of soundproof, it can be divided into composite sound insulation, construction sound insulation and so on. Composite sound insulation is a new type of sound insulation which use a variety of noise insulation materials.

Construction sound insulation is to use a certain forms or method to insulate sound. For example, use sound-absorbing cotton, sound-absorbing panels and other materials to suck the sound continuously to achieve weak sound transmission, while changing the scope of sound transmission.

In the market, there are some soundproofing panels are produced by installing the rubber layer, damping materials or noise blankets between the two plates. In the short term, its sound insulation function is improved to a certain extent, but the soundproofing effect will decreased gradually with pass by. As we all know, rubber and other materials will slowly aging in the air, resulting in the gradual hardening and loss of elasticity. Therefore, soundproofing effect will reduce gradually over time. On the other hand, it is very expensive to install a rubber layer or an acoustic blanket in the middle of the two plates.