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Thermal Insulation Materials

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With the continuous development of building energy efficiency, building insulation has become a new areas of energy-saving building technology research and application as an important part of building energy efficiency in China. According to statistics, building energy consumption accounts for about 28% of the total social energy consumption. Therefore, to develop new energy-saving building materials based on thermal insulation materials has a realistic and far-reaching significance for the realization of China's economic and social sustainable development in the 21st century.


Generally, there are three types of wall insulation: the internal wall insulation, wall external insulation and thermal insulation wall. Wall internal and wall sandwich insulation often choose inorganic materials and thermal insulation products while both inorganic and organic materials can be used for wall external insulation. Different building structures should choose different properties of insulation materials. The organic insulation materials shouldn’t be used in the bamboo, wood structure; inorganic insulation materials should be preferred in the light steel structure; both inorganic and organic insulation materials can be selected for the construction of concrete structures.

The thermal insulation materials are as follows:

1. Mineral Wool

2. CottonInsulation Made from Recycled Blue Jeans

3. Reflective Insulation

4. Radiant Barriers

5. SprayPolyurethane Foam

6. Extruded Polystyrene

7. ExpandedPolystyrene

8. Poly isocyanate Insulation

9. Cellulose Insulation

10. Fiberglass Insulation