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The Performance Of Thermal Foams

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As the warm clothes to keep building warm, thermal foams should be saved well, in case it lose the effectiveness of defending against the cold. 


The organic content of thermal foams directly affects the combustion performance of thermal foams, the higher the organic content, the higher the combustion performance. Organic matter mainly refers to the combination substances which contains carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and other elements. The main material of life material is the accumulation of organic matter. Thermal foams is the cotton for building, which keep the building warm and heat insulation. So the storage of thermal foams is very important. Once the preservation is not good, the insulation effect will be poor.

Thermal foams must be placed in a ventilated and dry place. If it is possible, the construction unit can place the thermal foams  in a special warehouse and make people to take care of it. It is best to open the a side of the package in the day to circulate the air and keep the thermal foams dry. When it is used at night or in rain, you’d better cover it with impervious material and do not let rain come in.

Also be careful not to stack too high to avoid the bottom thermal foams deform under great pressure. It can be placed in the sun to make it recover thickness if it become thinner. It should be noted that its quality will has problems as its storage time is too long. so it is best to fixed a thermal foams manufacturer, so that you can buy it when you want to use to avoid storage problem.