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The Main Features Of Acoustic Panels

Time:2017/02/07 Click:27

Under the premise of sound absorption and sound insulation, it is also characterized by simple production and installation.

1, Large sound insulation: the average sound insulation is 30dB. (Sound-absorbing cotton is 48K, thick 95 × high 500 × long 1000-3000)


2, Weathering durability: the product has water resistance, heat resistance, anti-ultraviolet light and it will not show lower performance or quality due to the change of rain water temperature. It has at least 15 years service life.

3, Beautiful acoustic panels: to choose a variety of colors and shapes to be combined with the surrounding environment.

4, Economic acoustic panels: assembly-type construction to improve work efficiency, shorten the construction time, save construction costs and labor costs.

5, Convenient acoustic panels: it is easy to maintenance and update as it is installed parallel with other products.

6, Security acoustic panels: both side of acoustic panels are fixed by Φ6.2 wire rope to prevent secondary damage, resulting in personnel, property losses.

7, Light: with light weight characteristics, acoustic panels can reduce the bearing load of overhead light rail and elevated road so as to reduce the structural cost.

8, Fire resistance: because of its high melting point, non-combustible, the ultra-fine glass wool is used to fully meet the environmental protection and fire safety requirements.

9, High-intensity: in consideration of China's various regional climate conditions, the structural design of acoustic panels fully consider the wind load.

10, Waterproof, dustproof: louver design fully considers the aspects of waterproof and dustproof. The angle is set to 450 degrees so that it will not impact by the dust or rain environment.

11, High quality: factors that the road wind load, traffic safety and impact of the open-air anti corrosion have been fully taken into account while designing.