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The Magic Eraser Can Remove Radioactive Materials

Time:2017/02/06 Click:24

Recently, Japanese researchers have demonstrated a magic eraser. The magic eraser is capable of adsorbing 99% cesium in water. It is reported to be disposed easily with a small volume compressed after using with low production costs.

According to Japanese media reports, the University of Tokyo and other research groups published their results in the British Journal of Science in the November 15, 2016. They have developed the magic eraser to remove the radioactive cesium in soil and water due to Fukushima nuclear accident effectively. The research team plans to use it for decontamination work in Fukushima prefecture reservoirs.


magic-eraser The team focused on the pigment Prussian blue used in Ukiyo-e painted "Thirty-Six of Fuyue". It is said that the pigment can adsorb radioactive cesium effectively, on the other hand, it is soluble in water. However, it should be noted that the attached cesium will re-release into the environment easily. You can solve the problem based on the paper composition.

The team produced magic eraser by combining prussian blue and the ingredients of the paper, which were broken down into molecular levels.

It is said that this pigment does not need to be treated with salt and other pretreatments as compared with other substances which absorb radioactive cesium, so it can decontaminate effectively. “There was no effective decontamination method in the area where low concentrations of cesium spread." said Professor Sakata Ichiro (Technical Business Manager) of the research group. They hope to make contribution for the area by developing such magic eraser.