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Sound Absorbing Foam Glass

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Sound absorption foam glass is a porous inorganic material with the characteristic of light, non-combustible, not rot, no boring, not aging and will not evaporate harmful gases. It will not deform even affected by damp and water. Besides it can also be made into a variety of colors to achieve rich decorative effect. Therefore, it can be used in both interior and outdoor environment.


The main applications of sound absorbing foam glass:

1, In the hall sound quality design, sound absorbing foam glass controls the indoor reverberation time. It can be used as sound absorbing equipment for concert halls, theaters, cinemas, auditoriums, conference halls, dance halls, radio, television and film studios.

2, As the sound absorbing foam glass has good water resistance and aging resistance, especially suitable for wet environments and the open air conditions with wind and rain, it woks well in the swimming pool, subway, underground works, cooling tower noise reduction and road noise barriers.

3, As a flat roof and wall decoration in shopping malls, waiting room and exhibition hall, the sound absorbing foam glass can play the part of reducing the reverberation, thereby enhancing the broadcast clarity.

4, Sound absorbing foam glass can also be used for muffler. Compared to fiber sound absorbing material, sound absorbing foam glass will not blow out fiber dust, especially suitable for the requirements of clean environment.

5, Itself is non-toxic, non-radioactive and it will not release harmful substances to pollute the foundation and groundwater. Sound absorbing foam glass is environmentally friendly materials.