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Physical Features Of Flame Retardant Foam

Time:2016/12/30 Click:21

The flame retardant foam plays a very important role in the market, but few people know its physical properties. The following is to introduce the physical properties of the flame retardant foam, and we hope to help people correctly use it.

First of all, the flame retardant foam can prevent the occurrence of fire, so it's widely used in building materials market, furniture, home, KVT and other places. But just knowing that is not enough, we need to more accurately grasp the physical characteristics of the flame retardant foam to gain a better understanding in order to better use it.


The chemical name of the flame retardant foam: polyurethane foam which is made of isocyanate and poly ester, polyol, and the right amount of additives. It is more suitable for a variety of special circumstances, such as: high temperature, great coldness. It does not produce open flame, so it’s also known as non-flammable sponge. Its water resistance is also good, and closed cells bring better water absorption. It can also be used for punching, hot pressing, and various shapes make it suitable for use as a packing liner with shock-resistant, shock-resistant physical properties. It can also resist chemical corrosion of oil, acid, alkali. It is a non-polluting, non-toxic and environmentally friendly product.