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Foam As Insulation Materials Has Developed Rapidly In China

Time:2017/01/20 Click:21

Foam as insulation materials in foreign countries has decades of application history as well as in China has developed rapidly in recent years. For the insulation board, cold plate decoration plate, the most important performance requirements is to have a good thermal insulation capacity. The traditional insulation materials used as wall and roof parts, such as aerated concrete blocks, perlite, vermiculite concrete, glass wool, slag cotton, but because of the density of these materials, easy to absorb water, thermal effects decreased significantly, no degradation from the performance and construction requirements are not ideal.

Some foam (such as pvc, PS, PU, etc.) is an excellent thermal insulation materials, especially made of foam board thickness, foam sandwich panels, more conducive to the use of buildings. It can not only reduce the weight of the building, but also to facilitate the construction, energy conservation, is widely used for cold storage, roof, walls, floors, pipelines and travel insulation materials.

There are two forms of foam as a wall insulation layer. One is the inner wall with a foam board paste, and then plaster on the foam board, film, stickers or paint coating for decoration. This insulation compound technology is usually applied in the building industry, which has higher insulation requirements. The other is as thermal insulation sandwich panel, with metal plate (steel, aluminum, coated steel plate, etc.) or non-metallic plate (gypsum board, glass steel plate, plastic plate, fiberboard, asbestos board) surface layer. Such sandwich panels are also commonly used for simple building and temporary building wall materials, which achieve the purpose of insulation.