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Different Usage Of Kitchen Sponge (2)

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Different Usage Of Kitchen Sponge (2)
Cooling and food preservation
▼In hot weather, when people take food to work, the food easily goes bad because of high temperature. Put the cooled sponge in the lunch bag for cooling and food preservation.

Dust removal and hair removal
▼The animal hair or dust easily sticks to the home sofa and car seats. Use the sponge for patting and cleaning quickly.

Getting glue
▼ Some people will not grasp the proper amount of glue, which makes the envelope seal sticky and even wrinkled. Use the sponge without making hands sticky.


Cleaning the gap
▼The cracks of home or car are most likely to filth. Use the pen and sponge to make a dust sweep for cleaning at any time.

Protecting the fragile
▼ Every time you move fragile objects at home, you probably get nervous and are afraid of bottom damage. Cut the sponge into the proper size, stick it to the bottom for protection.

▼Who says the seeds must be placed in the pot? Put seeds on the wet sponge. As long as the sunshine is sufficient, the seeds will sprout quickly.

▼If you have enough ingenuity, simply use sponge to make flower pots. The common sponge color is fresh and natural to match. The method is simple, lovely, unique and special. Such pots are suitable for drought-resistant plants like cactus.