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Different Usage Of Kitchen Sponge (1)

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Different Usage Of Kitchen Sponge (1)
Soap pads
▼ Each time the soap box is used, there will be a lot of residual soapy water in the bottom, and there will be mildew without regular cleaning. Replace with a sponge, save trouble and money. The sponge can quickly absorb the foam on the soap, and dip it in water directly to clean items.

Foam pad
▼ As a thrifty expert, we can not waste even a small piece of soap. Put it into the middle of the sponge and rub to produce lots of foam, and continue to use.

Self-made polish removing box
Place the sponge into a small bottle and pour polish remover and let it fully absorb. Insert your finger into it and easily remove the nail polish.

Needle pad
▼ It is always uneasy to store a wide range of needles at home. If needles accidentally fall to the ground, people may get wounded. Use the sponge as the needle pad and store small and large needles. People don't have to worry any more.


Eradicating odor
▼Pour soda on the sponge, place it in the refrigerator, and this can effectively remove the refrigerator smell. It’s simple and convenient.

Cleaning the microwave oven
▼Disinfection of the microwave oven is often overlooked, so that bacteria attached to the food is swallowed in the abdomen. As long as the wet sponge is put into the microwave, heat for 1 minute, this can effectively eliminate the bacteria in the microwave oven and prevent breeding and proliferation of bacteria.