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Foamtech Melamine Sponge

Cleaning Sponge

Time:2017/02/13 Click:28

This white cleaning sponge is a nano-sponge, also known as melamine sponge. It is said that this new type of environmental cleaning products can automatically adsorb the stains of the surface, using the physical decontamination mechanism, relying on its internal capillary opening structure. It enjoys great popularity by the majority of people for it can not only clean clearly, but also has on hurt to our hands with soft feeling.


It is said that the cleaning sponge has strong detergency. No matter the stains is in expensive bag or in the stainless steel  utensils, it will flew away as soon as it met the cleaning sponge. And the most amazing place is that it does not need detergent!

How to use the clean sponge?

Although the cleaning sponge feels relatively soft, but in fact it is simlar to sandpaper. Its good cleaning power mainly due to the friction brought about by its hardness. The reason why we do not think it is stiff is that it has many gap inside.
Cleaning sponges has other magical effects

With big hardness, it is easy to cause scratches on the surface of the object. we'd better avoid using it to clean aluminum pots, leather and other thing. As for the formaldehyde in the cleaning sponge, experts recommend you to soak it in the water for a few days. As formaldehyde is soluble in water, it can be washed off.