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Brief Introduction Of thermal Foams

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Broadly speaking, the foam product can all be regard as thermal foams as long as it can play a heat insulation effect. Thermal foams is widely used in many aspects with the advantages of high temperature, easy to burn, low thermal conductivity. The industrial thermal foams are made of glass fiber, such as glass fiber cotton, glass wool. More widely use can be made as such products composite with aluminum foil and fiberglass cloth.


Product features of glass fiber thermal foams:

1, According to the physical principle, the thermal conductivity of the gas is small and there are a lot of air holes inside of excellent thermal foams.

2, The glass fiber thermal foams are non-flammable, no deformation, no embrittlement. And it can endure the high temperature up to 700 ℃.

3, Compared with the traditional glass wool and rock wool products, the glass fiber thermal foams does not contains any adhesive and smell, so it is environmental and non-toxic. It will not issue any toxic, pungent smoke with high temperature.

4, High insulation. Glass fiber is the best insulating material.

5, High corrosion resistance. Glass fiber is not afraid of strong acid and alkali for a long time work.

6, With numerous fixed cavitation, glass fiber has excellent recovery. Not afraid of any shock vibration, its tensile strength are more than 1.0kg.

7, The moisture absorption rate is usually close to zero.

8, The main component of glass fiber is silicide with the characteristic of non-toxic and harmless.

The board, felt, pipe made of glass fiber thermal foams has been used for a large number field like construction, chemical, electronics, electricity, metallurgy, energy, transportation and other areas with its significant effect of thermal insulation, noise absorption.