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Brief Introduction Of Sound Absorbing Foam

Time:2017/02/10 Click:24

Sound absorbing foam, also known as muffler cotton, is a roll  or sheet material produced by single or a variety of different fibers through a variety of processing. Currently, two-component sound absorbing foam is now widely used in our daily life.


Product Features

Sound absorption: 100% polyester fiber produced by high-tech hot pressing and form the the shape of cocoon cotton. Sound absorption coefficient can reach 0.94 in the field of 125-4000HZ noise.

Decorative: A variety of modern color for choice with supple and rich natural materials texture.

Insulation: A special sound-absorbing mechanism, creating a good insulation properties, thus creating a very comfortable constant temperature space.

Flame retardant: Polyester fiber fireproof material have excellent fire-retardant performance.

Environmental protection: Polyester fiber is certainly green product as it has the natural color and characteristics.

Light body: Lightweight and compact.

Easy processing: The knife can cut it at random with a variety of colors, simple stitching, simple corner treatment. Then perfect art drawings and different styles can be easily reflected.

Stability: It will not expand and contract due to the temperature changes for it has good physical stability.

Anti-impact: It can withstand arbitrary impact in the stadium or other sports venues because it will not break under the impact of a huge external force.

Independent efficiency: Without decorative panels and other auxiliary materials, the desired sound absorbing effect and decorative effect can easily achieve through a simple stick, drill, planing, nails and other basic operations. Therefore, the overall project cost and construction cycle is reduced.

Easy maintenance: You can remove dust and impurities with a vacuum cleaner or duster.