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Brief Introduction Of Melamine Foam

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Melamine foam product performance:


Sound absorption performance

Melamine foam has excellent sound absorption performance in a wide range of fields, especially in low-frequency noise absorption field.

Flame retardant properties

Because the melamine foam is made by melamine (melamine itself is a flame retardant), melamine foam does not contains any flame retardants or other additives.

The excellent flame retardant performance of melamine foam manifested in the follow three aspects:

A) Rapid carbonation: it does not form flame and droplets while it touches fire, for its surface carbonized immediately and cut off oxygen to slow down the reaction rate;

B) Once the fire left, the bubble will stop burning immediately without Mars and re -fire.
C) Low smoke density: smoke is a major factor for personal injury in the fire.

Insulation performance

Compared with the traditional polyethylene, polypropylene and low cross-linked polyurethane foam, melamine foam has a high degree of cross-linked network system. Besides, it has high heat stability and aging resistance.

Light energy-saving performance

Melamine foam is one of the lightest material with the little density of only 7-12kg / m3. Melamine foam meets the demands of energy-saving and green environmental protection.

Health and safety performance

The stable chemical structure and cross-linking body of melamine foam ensure its unique chemical stability, and non-toxic, tasteless, non-fiber and powder-free. It has been widely used in the chemical industry, food industry, Electronics industry, interior decoration, transportation and other fields.

Reprocessing performance

Melamine foam can be processed into various shapes by cutting, chipping, rotary and other mechanical processing and hot pressing.