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Bathroom Cleaning Tips

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Bathroom tiles

1. Mix the water and vinegar or bleach in a 1: 1 ratio and bottle in the spray. Shake it to ensure full integration;
2. Sprinkle the liquid in the spray bottle onto the tile above. Of course, you can spray more at the places with mold;
3. Note that here is the key: After the spraying finished, keep the tiles naturally air-dried;
4. Finally, rinse the bathroom tile thoroughly with water again.


How to polish the faucet?

1. Apply the shaving cream to the faucet;
2. And then wipe with a bathroom cleaning sponge;
3. Finally rinse clean.

Shower room glass door

Shower room glass door looks very clean faraway, but you will see many dirty nearly. Even more worrying is that it does not clean no matter how scrub. Although use cleaning agents, it will become a big dirty face after dry. It is a big progress for most people to clean shower room. There Zhengzhou FoamTech Nano Material Co.,Ltd. will tell you a good idea to solve the problem easily!
Pour a little shampoo into the basin, stir evenly and wipe the bathroom glass gently with a bathroom cleaning sponge dipped the liquid, so that the glass door can be particularly clean and bright. For the old dirt accumulated in the corner of glass door, you can combine a half of vinegar plus a half of the water and mix thoroughly, then put them in the watering can and sprayed on the glass, and at last you can wipe gently with the old newspaper.

Shower head

A common problem with shower heads is that the surface and the inner surface are easily filled with scale.
1. Mix water and vinegar in a ratio of 1: 1 and put them in plastic bags.
2. Remove the shower head, soak it in plastic bags and seal well.
3. Wash it with hot water immediately after half an hour, then it will become shiny!