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Data Sheets

Melamine Foam is a thermo-set polymer which is made of melamine resin. The open-cell foam exhibits the feature of three dimensional network structure.
Using melamine resins as the raw materials, Melamine Foam has superior fire retardant feature with no addition of flame retardant additives. The melamine foam also possesses the superb features of temperature resistance and thermal stability.

The open-cell three dimensional structure renders FoamTech foam excellent sound absorbing, thermal insulation, low density and easy processability.

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Melamine Foam Specifications:
Material: open cell melamine foam
Service temperature: -390℉ and 460℉
Thermal conductivity: 0.034 W/(m·K)
Thermal Resistance: 2.310 (m 2 ·K)/W
Mass density: 0.6lb/ft3 (8-10kg/m³)
Tensile strength: 161 kPa

Percent Elongation: 25%

Fire Retardant Classifications:

melamine foam specification

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Sound-Absorption Coefficients Versus Frequency:
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