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About Us

Zhengzhou FoamTech Nano Material Co.,Ltd.(FoamTech) specializes at the research and development, production and sales of Melamine Foam. As a melamine foam manufacturer, FoamTech devoted itself into the production of melamine foam. After decades of development, FoamTech melamine foam has been sold worldwide with various applications, such as melamine sponge for cleaning, thermal insulation materials for pipes and tanks, acoustic insulation materials for architectures and automotives.

The Headquarter and R&D department locate in Zhengzhou Airport Industrial Park, China. With convenient geographical location, our melamine foam is easily distributed to all over China and the World. FoamTech imported and built the first production line from Germany with the annual production capacity of 150,000 m³. The second production line will be invested and built soon. The total length of the melamine foam production line is more than 150m. CCTV monitors are implemented into whole production line. The foaming and shaping process is visualized so that operators is able to adjust or modify any parameters in the control room.

FoamTech Factory Show

FoamTech melamine foam line is highly automatic to ensure the percision and persistency of the product. FoamTech obtains the certification of ISO9001 quality control system and ISO14001 environment management system. Click HERE to see the certificates. We obtains the certification of the provincial government, awarding “provincial high-tech enterprise”, gaining “National Spark Award” and “Little Giant science Award.”Through years of independent research and development, FoamTech obtains 100 invention patents and 10 utility model patents protecting melamine foam production technology.

FoamTech employs a team of high tech talents as the technical backbones. Foam Tech was recognized as a Provincial High Technology Enterprise. Company scale grew rapidly these years. The existing standard production plant, modern office buildings and living facilities occupy approximately 200 acres.

To support the annual production of 150,000 m³ melamine foam, FoamTech builds up a 5,000 ㎡ warehouse to store melamine foam only. With such a huge warehouse, FoamTech is capable of meeting any urgent orders of melamine foam.

FoamTech Main Products

FoamTech Melamine Foam is a thermoset polymer which is made of melamine resin. The open-cell foam exhibits the feature of three dimensional network structure. Using melamine resin as raw materials, FoamTech Melamine Foam has superior fire retardant feature with no addition of a flame retardant. The melamine foam also possesses the superb features of temperature resistance and thermal stability.

The open-cell three dimensional structure renders FoamTech foam excellent sound absorbing, thermal insulation, low density and easy processbility.

Architectural Acoustics
Melamine foam can be easily cutted and jacketed with non-woven cloth, aluminum foil or plastic sheet to be applied in ceiling, furniture soft package, walls, partitions, interlayer, pipe wall, etc.
With the acoustic and thermal insulation features, melamine foam provides solutions for any environment, meeting rooms, halls, studios, restaurant, stadium, natatorium, art centers, theatres and etc.

Melamine Sponge
With FoamTech melamine foam, there will be a revolution in the cleaning industry, bringing environment-friendly cleaning that poses no health risks and does not involve any cleansers.  Many companies recently have been developing FoamTech Melamine Foam into melamine sponge,magic erasers, multi-functional sponge and etc., which rapidly expands the sponge market.

Thermal Insulation
FoamTech Foam exhibits features of heat stability, fire retardant without any fireproofs, and easily to be processed(no by-products). Melamine Foam thermal performance exceeds all the other conventional thermal insulation materials, such as Fiberglass, Mineral Wool, Polyurethane Foam and Polystyrene (EPS)

Aviation Aerospace Navigation
FoamTech Foam can be installed as piping insulation by curve cutting, which is applied to insulate sound and heat for hot water tanks, air conditioner ventilation pipes, gas pipes, hot air ducts.

Rail and Automotives Industries
FoamTech Foam has outstanding performance in acoustic and sound insulation, comparing with conventional materials, it also has lowest density, which decrease the whole vehicle weight, increase the safety of turning and reduce energy consumption.

Industrial Sound Absorbing
FoamTech Foam can be installed as piping insulation by curve cutting, which is applied to insulate sound and heat for hot water tanks, air conditioner ventilation pipes, gas pipes, hot air ducts.